Taking The Leap

You guys, I finally did it! I quit my corporate job to work on Muy Delish full time!

As I left 2020 behind, I felt something new and exciting emerging. For the longest time this moment seemed so close but yet so far away. I finally had the courage to quit my job that paid very well…… and it only took me 20 years to get here!

A butterfly resting on a purple flower.

Let me back up….

I will try my best to make this story short and spare the small details 🙂

The Decision to Be a Creator

I have always wanted to do something creative for work. 20 years ago I decided to learn photography and chose portraits as my specialty as I loved capturing the beauty I see in people.

10 Years later I fell in love with blogging and food photography (This was a side hustle/hobby while I built it into an actual business). Muy Delish was born (under a different name but that’s a story for another day ? )

The Corporate Job…

Meanwhile, I had a traditional 9-5 job in the corporate world that was very good to me. It paid well and gave me the “American Dream”.

At the beginning, and for many years, this job/career was very exciting and I was working with interesting people. I made my mission to learn something new everyday. I was given opportunities that many people only dream of!

I was very thankful and knew how lucky I was. There were so many hurdles to jump to get where I was:

  • I was a high school dropout
  • An immigrant that came to this country that did not speak English.
  • Woman (with kids)
  • No college degree
  • Started in the mail room opening letters and worked my way up!

I’m still incredibly thankful to the people that believed in me and trusted me to do what they needed!!

The Decision

I mean, why would anyone leave a secure path (aka corporate job) for entrepreneurship in a creative industry? A path where nothing is guaranteed?

But the desire to work on my passion never left me. The desire to be my own boss kept growing and growing and I would ask myself……….

What am I waiting for?

Life is short, and we just don’t know how much time we have to do all the things that we want to do. We keep waiting and saying well when this happens or that happens I’ll be ready. The truth is, you can never be 100% ready. Taking the first step is on you. Now is as good a time as any.

Quote: She took  the leap and built  her wings on  the way down

So I finally did it. I gave my notice and took the leap!!!

12/31/2020 was my last day in the corporate world…. what a way to finish Twenty Twenty right? ? 

I CAN’T WAIT to get started on this next chapter of my life and be here serve you with Muy Delish FULL TIME! ? ? ?

So the moral of the story is, never give up Kiddos! (and not so kiddos like me lol!). Achieving your dreams will never be accomplished in one straight line. You may have many pivots along the way but always remember your “why” and don’t give up!

Have you taken a leap of faith and left your comfort zone? Please do tell! I would love to see your comments below!

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  1. What a wonderful and inspiring story! I get you so well. Took me years to build up my own cooking blog (Crafty Cooking by Anna). We even have the same name,lol. Congratulations on your success! Never give up, never surrender is my Motto as well!

  2. Ana te deseo los mejores éxitos en tu vida!!! TE mereces eso y mas!!!

    Eres muy talentosa y trabajadora!!!

    Estoy muy orgullosa de ti mi Hermanita Querida!!!! Go for it !!!
    Love you Little Sis!!!!

  3. So very proud of you, Ana! Love your announcement, quotes and sharing. You deserve the best! You are a terrific person in every respect. When you set your mind to something, you accomplish it beyond measure! You share so openly and your confidence inspires.
    You came to the edge…and flew!
    From your loving Mother-in-law ❤️

    1. Awe thank you so much Diane!!! Your words mean sooo much to me and you’re such a great inspiration. Always a hard working woman and kind to everyone around her. Love you and thank you so much for stopping by and your support! xoxo, Ana