Get a taste of Mexico with this Cantaritos cocktail. Drinking out of clay cups is as much fun as this citrusy drink!

All you need is: * tequila  * Crushed or cubed ice * orange juice  * grapefruit juice * fresh lime juice * Squirt soda *Lime or orange slices for garnish

Check out the recipe on tips to cure the clay cups! 

Make the recipe: Step 1 - Squeeze the fresh grapefruit, orange and lime juice into a mixing cup.

* Fill one cantarito with crushed ice. * Add a shot of tequila, then add half of the fresh juice mix. * Lastly top with grapefruit soda next. Mix well to incorporate all flavors together.

Sprinkle some chili lime powder if you want and garnish with a fresh citrus slices. SALUD!!!