Molcajete Salsa

Why you'll love it:

This classic Molcajete salsa is made roasted tomatoes, onions, garlic, cilantro, and spicy chiles, all mashed up together into a delicious, smokey and chunky salsa.

Tasty & delicious! 

What you need:

Tomatoes and garlic

Jalapeño and serrano

Chile de arbol or chiltepines. Salt and pepper

 Wrap the tomatoes in foil and place on comal. Also add the chiles, garlic and onion. Cook on medium high heat until all veggies are soft and roasted.




Place the veggies in the molcajete and use the pestle to grind them. Start with the hardest ingredients first and gradually add the softer ones.



Grind all ingredients to desired consistency. Serve in a bowl or directly on the the molcajete.