Authentic Recipes For The Mexican Food Lover

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A pot and three mugs filled with Ponche Navideño.

Mexican Holiday Recipes

Oh, it’s Holidays time, and what a great way to celebrate than by checking out my yummy Mexican Christmas recipes! When we look into Mexico’s rich culture, we find a lot of different and tasty foods. From tamales to atole, Mexican Christmas dishes are all about tradition, family, and, of course, really tasty food.

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I’m Ana Frias and I’m so glad you’re here! I believe you can make authentic Mexican food wherever you are in the world! I was born and raised in Sonora Mexico, and here I share my recipes inspired by my native country.

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Healthy Mexican Recipes

There are plenty Mexican dishes that are super healthy, low fat and nutritious! Not everything is fried and loaded with cheese. In fact, most authentic recipes are good for you! Here are just a few to get you inspired:


Since life is about balance, there should always be room for dessert!


Authentic Homemade Mexican Salsas & Sauces that are easy to make and are crowd pleaser! See all Mexican Salsas >>


Delicious and easy to make appetizers that everyone will enjoy either at your next dinner party or just for you & your family.